Commercial Light Truck Tire

Wide Grooves:

Extra-wide zigzag grooves deliver enhanced wet traction and exceptional low speed traction

Full-Depth Microsipes:

Full-depth microsipes improve heat dissipation and braking traction.

Wide Shoulder Design:

Wide shoulder reduces road noise and improves lateral stability.


The SL12 is an all-season light truck tire designed for delivery and demanding regional applications. Featuring a symmetrical pattern with extra wide grooves, the SL12 delivers excellent wet traction and a quiet, comfortable ride while an enhanced compound is engineered to deliver exceptional mileage.


  1. Commercial Vehicles
  2. Delivery Vans
  3. City Transport Trucks



Size L.I./ S.R. T.D. O.D. S.W. R.W. L.C.C. L.C.C.
    32/in. in.  in. in. 1X 2X
185R14C 102/100/Q 11 25.6 7.4 5.5 1870@65 1760@65
195R14C 106/104Q 11 26.2 7.8 5.5 2095@65 1985@65
195R15C 106/104Q 11 27.2 7.8 5.5 2095@65 1985@65